Special requests

Make it fit ..

Our Smartbox package can be made fit for multiple ends. In our features list you can see what is included in our standard setup. For companies that want a special feature installed in their website we can build or adjust programs for this propose. Although our Smartbox package can not fit all our clients needs, we can always discuss other possibilities. There are no costs involved in a first meeting.
In some cases we communicate a fee for research with the client to see if we can provide a solution for the added functionality needed in the website.

Some clients want us to adjust the page layout of the site by integrating extra menu bars (top menu bar) or transforming the dimensions of the different frames. We analyze the requests and let the potential client know if there are extra costs involved with the adjustments beforehand.

Example 1:
A owner of an apartment for tourists wanted to know if visitors could see when the apartment was available in a monthly overview presented in the form of a calendar. We added an icon of a calendar inside a bookings page that showed an icon "availability" on which visitors could click. We charged the hours invested in setting up the added functionality.

Example 2:
A client wanted his brochure displayed in the website in a way visitors could turn over the pages in the brochure. We were able to add this functionality and integrated the brochure that was delivered as a PDF-file by the client. Furthermore we restyled the application so that it took on the look of the website.

Example 3:
We were asked if the options in the sidebar of the website could be customized for every individual page. This was possible by installing the functionality and inserting some custom codes so that the client was able to adjust the sidebar options herself.

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