So what sets Smartbox apart?

website_package_advantagesSmartbox is not a hosting platform. Although hosting and domain name registration are part of our package, that’s not our core business. What we deliver is hosting you are accustomed to. Our solution doesn’t require any knowledge of html or other web coding. All you need to know is what your website should look like, How you would split your information in sections and pages, which pictures you would want to place with the information, where to place your files for download.

The difference is that we setup your website for you. We also upload a system, a Content Manager, for you to use to add sections and pages to your website. And the best thing is .. you can learn to use the system in minutes. What normally would cost hours of work to build now takes minutes. Updates .. no problem anymore. Also done in minutes.

Smartbox is dummy proof, you can’t really do anything wrong accept accidentally delete the content you created. And that’s easally recovered. There’s no FTP connection needed because all your content is uploaded via our easy to use online system. So it’s an no hazel solution that has all the benefits of a professional website. There’s also no experience required with photo editing software. The system automatically crops and compresses your images to the right size. The system also automatically recognizes portrait or landscape images and places them that way. We’ve though of everything!

So what is the main advantage? With the Smartbox solution you can build and maintain your website yourself. Your website can now always contain the latest news. No expensive webdesigners required anymore.