Designed to fit!

A great website stands out because it's design and layout of the pages are crafted with care.
Having a design-agency that helps you make the right decisions will lead to an online presence you'll be proud of and eager to share.

Different Header Layout options

Choose between how you want your Logo and navigation ordered. There options come standard with any Smartbox Package.




We'll make a design especially for you!

Smartbox is now 6 years operational. We have a lot of satisfied costumers. Your design is included in our standard setup-fee of $180 (Ang. 325,-). One that suits your organizations identity or personal preference. Take a look at designs we've made for our customers.

For companies that want us to look deeper into the layout of their home-page and separate pages we can communicate an extra design-fee for a more tailor-made approach. In this way we can give more attention to special elements and layout of pages in your website.

You can scroll through a selection of website interfaces in our example page.

Special requests

Our team can adjust the structure, navigation or functionality of your Smartbox website to fit your needs. If you would like to sell your products online or integrate the option of reserving a car online, we can provide a solution. These adjustments are not always includes in our standard Smartbox setup. After a meeting in which we discuss the special features we will present you a cost-indication involved with the setup.

Tailormade Design

Your own personal design

Companies requiring a more serious approach to their website we can create a design especially for them. We at the Green Media Studio look at the identity of your company and design the website according this style of an extra charge of $340 (Ang. 600,-) (one time payment).

On request Green Media can also place the content as we set up their Smartbox account. Our "medium" and "Advanced" packages include content updates. So we handel your whole website, the technical aspects and content updates. More tailor made contracts depending on your needs are also possible.

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