How long is the contract?

You sign with us for a period of 6 months. Every 6 months the contract automatically renews for another 6 months if you haven't canceled your account with us during the last period.

What are the payment conditions?

Every 6 months we send you a bill for the coming period. You can pay us in advance or choose to pay us a monthly sum.

How do I sign for an account?

We use a standard form that we fill in together. This form you can also submit via our application page.

What is the first step to take?

Many of our clients started by making an appointment with us and during this demo session, we explained more about our service and actually give you a live demo of the application you will use to upload your content. After this demo, your are free to choose if you want a contract or not.

Can I use my own (registered) domain name?

Yes, this is no problem. We just have to communicate to have your domain pointed at our hosting service (server).

Can I have special requests about how I want the website to function or look?

Smartbox is based on a package. The structure and overall design is flexible. But the time we spend on creating a unique design is limited (3 hours). Communicate with us your special requests and we will let you know what's possible in the package and what it will cost for us to extend our service to adapt to any special needs.

Is Smartbox mobile friendly?

Yes, your website will change automatically and adapt in dimensions when seen on mobile devices (responsive).

How long does it take to setup my website?

After signing our contract your website will be set up within 3 business days. The website is then active but not yet online (live). We will work on your design and content together to create the actual website with content. We must plan 1 or 2 meetings to tune what you want to communicate. Also, you need to learn how to use the program.

Can my website be found by Search Engines?

We will give you the right information so you can adapt your website so Search Engines like Google can better index your website. How you use keywords is of importance when we construct your website.

Can I place icons or links to my social networks?

Yes, on the homepage, footer bar, or on pages you can place links or icons to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. with ease.

Why choose for Smartbox when I can setup a website for free online?

Smartbox is based on open-source applications. Still, not everyone has the time or knowledge to set up a professional-looking website. We have the experience to help you in its development and inform you about what to consider when developing the website. We take on all technical aspects so you can concentrate on what you want to communicate. Furthermore, we're always there to support you. In practice, this approach works better for organizations. Let professionals handle your website so you have a great-looking site that is always online without any hazel. And this is for a budget-friendly monthly subscription fee.

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